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Sunday, 14 August 2011


How much Khushu do we have in our salaah?
The sahaaba Urwa bin Al-Zubeir had some illness in his leg and he was told by the doctors of the time that that had to amputate it in order to stop the illness from spreading.

He was offered medication in order to lessen the pain, he asked them if it will make him drowsy or the such, and he was told the medication was a form of alcohol, so Urwa refused to take it. 
Rather he told them to amputate his leg when he started his salaah.

He started his salaah and the doctors cut off his leg, he prayed like it was just another prayer…
Subhanallah, he had his leg cut off, let me repeat, his leg was cut off and he had nothing to numb the pain expect salaah.  
SO much concentration that he didnt feel the pain
Yet here if panic when we see a spider on the prayer mat…

Oh Allah increase our khushu in our salaah, make us of the muttaqoon. Ameen

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