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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

sunny sunny summer....


Alhamdullilah the summer is finally here, 
Beautiful blue skies
Long sunny days
Gorgous scented flowers
Tweeting birds
Its simply amazing how we have all the 4 seasons

As wonderful as the summer is, sometimes it gets a bit difficult in selecting comfortable clothing
You feel like wearing short sleeved tops
clothes made of sheer materials
because its hot

Well sisters, this is our Jihad!
Shaytaan will make it very difficult for us in the summer
The hijaab will feel like its too thick
like its suffocating you
like you're going to boil through it

Make the most of it,
"Verily with suffering comes ease"
Dont let the Shayateen win
Strenghthen your imaan
Verily the heat of theNaar will be much greater than that of the earth

Watch what you wear

Remember Allah is the All seer All hearer

May Allah make is easy on all the believing Muslim men and women,
May He give us patience and keep us on the straight path