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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hand of Fatima

The hand of Fatima also known as Khamsa (خمسة) is Arabic is apparently a ‘favourite Muslim talisman’ according to the wonderful Wikipedia.  It is a talisman that is found in jewellery such as charm bracelets or hung on walls to protect oneself form evil eye. 

The talisman is palm shaped, usually has an eye in the middle of and is almost always blue in colour. 

Talismans and charms are haram in Islam and we as Muslims should all know this. It is haram to believe that a talisman will protect you or that a rabbit foot will bring you good luck or that if you break a mirror you will get 7 years bad luck or that a four leaf clover will bring good luck or the horse shoe or the knocking on wood will prevent something bad form happening…….

How is that even possible?? How on earth can a rabbits foot give good luck, it’s a rabbits foot for crying out loud, the foot of a dead rabbit. It just doesn’t make sense. And how does the hand of Fatima protect you from evil eye? How?

Watch yourselves of these things, they may seem small and completely insignificant to ones deen but believing in talismans is shirk.

And shirk is the biggest sin and the only sin that Allah doesn’t forgive.

Girlies watchout when you are buying jewellery, these days the charm bracelet is a popular piece of jewellery, sometimes the hand of Fatima is on t-shirts and clothes but in a subtle design
Save yourselves from any form of shirk.

May Allah protect us all form the evils of the shayateen and may he guide us and keep us on the straight path.


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